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MOKI’s Private & Corporate Events Division

Picture your dreams coming true, imagine your elegant event unfolding, tell us your wishes and concerns and then, let us designing it and making it happen!
Whether your wedding, your child’s baptism, or any other private or corporate celebration, your party will definitely become a unique and memorable experience.
Our Events Management and dedicated staff is eager to take care of every detail, starting with the fine dining menu and most sophisticated cocktails to the seating layouts, table setup and ambiance decorations to ensure every aspect of your event is fulfilling your dreams.
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You have the desire, we have the experience.
To really make it happen, whether you want to celebrate with your friends and family or your business success with your team, or your anniversary or your kids birthday, we’re here to take care of every detail and create that perfect vibe for your social gathering.
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Your wedding’s day is one of the most important days of your life, so it’s important to make it unforgettable for you, for your friends and your family. It doesn’t really matter if is an intimate event or an extravagant and luxurious one, we are preparing custom menus, bar packages and flexible floorplans, because what we like the most is to exceed every expectation. Our dedicated events team will start and finish the event according to your wishes, so that you can fully enjoy the memorable beauty of your moments.
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Your little one’s first party is not just a mere christening, is pure joy cherished in the company of dear ones. So it has to be perfect. That’s why we’re committed to do whatever it takes to see your guests are having the time of their lives. Happy colourful setups, candy and lemonade bars, experienced entertainers plus selected custom food & drink menus. Your imagination brought to life by our power of creation!
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When talking about corporate celebration, we know that MOKI is the perfect place for a high class launch event, a stylish client reception, a sophisticated Christmas party or a versatile corporate meet&greet. That’s why we provide flexible arrangements, advanced audio-visual equipment, custom menus, valet parking, private parking areas and, most importantly, the right professional staff to serve snd  coordinate your event and exceed your expectations. Just call for an appointment and let’s discuss the specifics.

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